Google to enhance document sharing system, making access requests easier across Workspace

Google Docs

To increase user productivity, Google Docs is frequently updated with new UI design elements and other improvements. It is widely regarded as the best word processing application available for Android, Chrome OS, and the web. In keeping with its history of advancement, Google recently declared that Google Workspace would soon enhance its file sharing system to make handling access requests more straightforward.

Under the existing system, access requests must be sent through email to file approvers, who must then reply. Google is now introducing a new strategy: file approvers will have the ability to examine and reply to requests within the file itself. When someone requests access to a file, a notification dot on the “Share” button will indicate this, and a new banner at the top of the sharing box should speed up response times. All Google Workspace apps, including Docs, Sheets, Slides, and others, are affected by the change.

Even though this tool streamlines productivity, there is still the option of replying to inquiries via email, as is customary. Additionally, the original requester will be notified through email of the approver’s decision if the “Notify” item is checked.

This update to Workspace is merely the most recent development in the way that Google services enable file sharing. For instance, Google began to become more intelligent about the file-sharing capabilities available to Meet video conference participants at the beginning of the year.

If you haven’t seen this sharing enhancement yet, it should appear in your account within the next two weeks, as Google is making it available to all users.

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