Google weather app’s latest update is much more than just a visual redesign

MSN Weather App

With the launch of the Pixel Tab, Google’s weather app got a major makeover. The app modification for the phone version has left us stunned. Although it seems like a mere interface update, Google has introduced major amendments to the app that will make your local weather forecast more reliable and precise.

The Weather App page looks great with a blend of light and dark themes. The whole tablet screen is occupied to present you with a variety of information without looking messy. What’s even better is that Google has kept its small, big-eyed frog as your own weather forecaster. However, Google confirmed to 9to5Google that the new experience is more complex than it first appears.

In addition to its current sources, Google is now using information from the MRMS and HRRR sensor systems of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to improve its 12-hour forecasts. Since the information from various sources is updated several times each hour, you may go about your day without worrying that the weather will ruin your plans. This will allow for improved accuracy and more accurate weather information. That’s not all, though.

All this data will be used by Google for another app named Nowcast. This app’s section will be visible on the same page, but only in extreme weather conditions such as rain, hail, or snow. This forecast will more precisely show you the weather status for each minute.

Only the Pixel Fold and Tablet now support the Nowcast feature, and to access it, you must be located in the US and have English set as your default device language. After testing it on its tablet and foldable, Google says the new Weather experience is already accessible in 26 languages and will soon be available on more devices. It’s unclear when the Pixel 7 series and your preferred Android phone will be officially supported.

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