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Samsung Browser Reaches Wear OS In Galaxy Watch 4

galaxy Watch 4

Samsung has released an Internet browser for the Wear OS smartwatch operating system. The owners of a Galaxy Watch 4, in particular, can benefit from this. The app is offered in the Play Store and can be used on any wearable running Wear OS.

Originally the wearable version of the browser called ‘Samsung Internet’ was available for Tizen OS. According to 9to5google, the developers have now adapted the app so that the program also runs on Wear OS. The fact that the Galaxy Watch 4 uses the Google operating system should have motivated Samsung to offer the browser for Wear OS and make it available in the Play Store.

The browser can be operated with the help of gestures. For example, users can swipe from a corner to the center of the screen to see the edges of a page. There is also a zoom mode that slightly enlarges the text on most pages.

Only Desktop Pages Available

Of course, the wearable version of the browser doesn’t include all of the features available on Android smartphones. The app is therefore only suitable for quickly looking up something on the Internet. In addition, the browser only loads the desktop versions of the requested pages.

To use the Samsung Internet app on the Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch 4 Classic, the application must first be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This can be done either via the smartwatch itself or via a smartphone linked to the watch. In contrast to many other browsers, Samsung Internet has an integrated ad blocker and additional features to protect privacy.