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Google is all set to redesign the Nearby Share with Material You UI

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Just like Samsung has Quick Share, Google offers the Nearby Share feature. The Nearby Share feature enables users to send and share files between two Android devices. It works by creating a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, it takes Bluetooth pairing into account to help file transfer between the two devices. The interesting fact to be noted over here is that it can even work offline.  

Though, the feature is quite nice. But with changing times we are expecting an update to this feature. The Material You update will arrive on Nearby Share. Thus, making it appear even more appealing.

As per an APK post by 9to5Google, it is indicated that Google is working to update the Nearby Share. It is planning to introduce the Material You coat to Nearby Share. Thus, changing the UI elements of Nearby Share. When a user opens the Nearby Share on their Samsung Galaxy device [or any given Android device], a sheet known as ‘Looking For Nearby Devices’ appears from the bottom of the screen. Formerly, a left-to-right wave animation indicated that the feature is searching for nearby devices. Given the updates, the users will notice the Material You shapes appearing and disappearing behind your profile embodiment. Though the update is slight, it will provide the app with a unique UI.

Furthermore, the text on the panel is bigger compared to the older design. The text is now centered. The Nearby Share icon will appear on the screen. Though the changes are small they are unavoidable to be noticed. The share previews are large. They are placed inside a card with an icon. Thus, showing what is being shared. In addition to this, Image previews will also appear when you share one.

One important thing to be noted here is that the new Material You designed for the Google Nearby Share hasn’t been released yet. We can expect its arrival in the near future. It will probably roll out via a server-side update given the latest version of Google Play services.

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