Nearby Share is ending its support for Android work profiles

Nearby share

We always look for convenient solutions for sharing files on Android devices. Thankfully, Nearby Share is one of the most useful methods for the said purpose. It has significantly improved over the years and is still getting better. Despite this, the tech company Google has decided to limit its availability.

According to recent information, Nearby Share will no longer be supported on Android work profiles. Besides this, users can utilize Nearby Share with Windows computers. It is a new feature and is expected to improve in the future. Simply download the .exe file from the official page and set it up to use the Nearby Share on a Windows PC.

Nearby Share won’t be available for work profiles

Smartphone users who rely on Nearby Share for their business purposes will be pretty annoyed by this change. Unfortunately, there is no explanation for this change. The company unveiled the news via the Google support updates page, where it was mentioned in the change log list as an item.

Perhaps the company has taken this decision considering the security. Your phone probably contains a lot of sensitive information when you use it for business. You can rapidly exchange files between different devices with Nearby Share. Well, there might be a security risk here. Perhaps the company won’t share an explanation for this change. With this modification, users are now required to use other methods, like Google Drive or Bluetooth, to share files between Android devices.

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