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LHC Received Petition to Order ban on Padmaavat Screening

The Lahore High Court has received a petition to order a ban on the screening of Padmaavat—a Bollywood movie, as it portrays a very negative and distorted image of the Muslims of the subcontinent.

The petition submitted in the Lahore High Court mentions that the role of Muslims displayed in the film shows a very wrong and negative image of Muslims and the storyline of the movie even touches the sensitivity of the religion—Islam.

The petition states that the director of the movie has not only distorted the facts but has also surpassed the limits of expression and display of the film in Pakistan.

The petition also mentions and claims that the image of the Muslim ruler—Alauddin Khilji, shown in the film is also objectionable. The petition states that he has been shown as a beast in the movie, whereas the reality is pretty different.

As per the petition the movie also violates the Section 6 of the Motion Picture Ordinance—1979.

Under the section, a movie cannot be provided with a certification for public exhibit if it ruins or ill-shows the glory of Islam or its integrity, security or defence of Pakistan, public order, morality, decency and friendly relations with international countries.

The petitioner further mentioned that the movie has badly affected the minds of his young sons who are under eighteen, whom he took along when he went to watch Padmaavat, as the children have read the history differently.

Therefore, the petitioner has requested the court to take the matter into consideration and ban the screening of the movie.

The story plot of the movie revolves around Rani Padmavati—known for her beauty and grace during the thirteenth century in India. She becomes the obsession of the Delhi ruler—Alauddin Khilji.

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