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GTA 6 trailer could be released soon, a leaker claims

Grand Theft Auto 6 has been a fixture on the rumor mill for months and even years, but despite a barrage of alleged internal information, nothing has been revealed so far. But that needs to change soon because a trailer should be out soon. The alleged insider information about GTA 6 never seems to stop, but so far nothing can be considered confirmed: you should also watch out for a current leak that promises a trailer soon. One thing is clear: Grand Theft Auto 6 is coming, one way or another.

Musician and YouTuber Krypto9095 is currently claiming that “GTA is coming” and this immediately sparked speculation that he was and is involved with the soundtrack or has a role as a speaker in the new installment of the long-running rock star hit. if Tom’s guide writes, that’s not unreasonable for some special reason, since Rockstar Games follows the musician itself on Twitter. Another musician who chimed in on the matter was Alex Gonzalez, better known by his stage name El Nitro 56. Responding to the tweet and other rumors about GTA 6, he replied that the leakers were “close to the truth.” Details would follow soon.

Is the trailer already done?

He also said a trailer would be out soon and “confirmed” long-running and ongoing rumors that the game will have two different timelines. This may or may not be exciting news for fans. The problem, however, is that both musicians don’t have a proven track record when it comes to GTA insider knowledge. As such, anything the two say should be viewed with a degree of caution – even if it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re wrong. All that’s clear at this point is that GTA 6 is currently in active development – but no details have been given as of yet.

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