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Gudak Cam makes you wait three days before reviewing pictures

Gudak Cam

Because of the convenience of cell phones, snapping photographs has turned out to be second nature. Anybody can snatch a phone and take the same number of pics as they need. Significantly more advantageous is the way that you can in a split second look what the photographs resemble. On the off chance that you took an awful one, you simply erase it and proceed onward. In any case, as peculiar as it may sound, there’s an increasingly prominent application that mimics the utilization of old film cameras by influencing you to wait up three days to “develop” your photographs.

The 99-cent application is called Gudak Cam and has turned out to be extremely well known in South Korea and Japan, particularly among secondary school girls. The application came out recently, and is intended to reenact the look and feel of utilizing a Kodak disposable camera. The application expects you to top off a “roll of film,” which contains 24 shots. Once you’ve completed with that roll, you can have it developed in a procedure that takes three days, toward the finish of which you can see the photographs on your cell phone.

With Gudak Cam, you will likewise need to wait a few hours before you can include another roll of film to your virtual camera.

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The greater part of this may sound amazingly badly designed and, to a vast degree, it is. Be that as it may, the interest of Gudak Cam lies in the way that it powers users to back off and truly consider each shot. Instead of snapping about six pictures and just keeping one, the thought is that users will take a modest bunch of better than average pictures that are worth keeping.

Past that, the application’s aesthetic do a great deal to help clarify its allure. Once the application is active, a picture reminiscent of Kodak disposables fills the screen, giving you the inclination that you’re genuinely holding one of these antiquated gadgets. Indeed, even the technique to shoot photographs is changed — you need to utilize the application’s little viewfinder. The majority of this joins to make an ordeal that is very unique in relation to utilizing the standard camera application on a cell phone.

Regardless of whether Gudak is only a passing craze or the beginning of something greater stays to be seen. Be that as it may, it as of now has more than 1.3 million users, so it is by all accounts accomplishing something right.

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