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HarmonyOS Targets To Reach 300 Million Devices By The End Of 2021

HarmonyOS predicts to reach 300 million Huawei, Honor, and third-party smartphones by the end of 2021.


Huawei released the HarmonyOS back in June this year. The rollout was remarkable. The company expects 200 million Huawei and Honor users to have this operating system running on the devices. The company’s latest report shows that the new HarmonyOS 2 now has 90 million upgrades. This is the result just two days after the company reached 70 million system upgrades.

According to sources, over 90 Huawei and Honor models have received this update. 56 of the 90 models are old models. Moreover, only the flagship Huawei models have the public stable version of HarmonyOS 2. the rest of the users are still enjoying the beta version.

Huawei is expecting a total of 300 million HarmonyOS users by the end of 2021. 200 million would belong to Huawei and Honor, while the remaining 100 million will be from third-party partners.

According to a source, “the HarmonyOS 2 system uses a large number of distributed technology, supports multi-camera mode, multi-device combined photography, mobile phones, tablets, watches, and even drones can all be interconnected.”

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