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HONOR CEO remarks that the iPhone 15 series is disappointing

In a recent interview, the CEO of Honor shared his views about Apple’s new iPhone 15 series. According to him, the devices are quite disappointing. Geroge Zhao said, “We feel a little letdown when everyone knows about it before the launch.” Despite this, he thinks the iPhone 15 series will do quite well in sales.

Zhao believes that the iPhone 15 series lacks innovation. According to him, the devices are missing the innovative factor in more than one area. However, he believes that the form factor is the main area that lacks innovation. Zhao argues that the company is still selling bar phones.

Well, this makes some sense since HONOR recently debuted two innovative smartphones in Berlin. The company’s HONOR Magic V2 is the thinnest foldable on the market. On the other hand, the HONOR V Purse is an innovative and fashion-oriented foldable smartphone. The company is soon going to debut the HONOR V Purse in China. By doing so, the company will be successful with its concept smartphone, since it will be an actual product.

Perhaps Apple is not in a rush for foldable phones

We are all awaiting a foldable smartphone from Apple. There are no indications that the company is working on something like this. However, some rumors claim that Apple is working on one such device. None of the rumors provided concrete details regarding the original launch. It seems like Apple is waiting for things to improve, for instance, the form factor in this case. Besides this, the iPhone 15 series is quite good. Notably, the series consists of a Type-C port that is in compliance with EU regulations.

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