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iPhone 15 Pro Is Cheaper To Repair From The Back

iPhone 14 back cover repair is a costly affair. In this regard, Apple has made real progress with the new generation of iPhones. If the back of the iPhone 15 Pro is defective, the company charges significantly less to replace it.

The glass on smartphones has become significantly more robust in recent years. Nevertheless, there is always a heated debate about how sensible it is to use the material on the back of smartphones. With the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, another problem arises in the event of an accident. Because of the complex replacement, “back glass damage” costs 599 euros for the Pro model and almost 669 euros for the Pro Max.

In this regard, Apple had really good news when it introduced the iPhone 15 models, but it was only mentioned in an aside. By adapting the structure, replacing the back of this year’s Pro and Pro Max models is much easier. The consequence: the prices for official repairs also fall drastically.

Apple has now recorded all variants of the iPhone 15 on its Repair and Service for the iPhone page. Accordingly, the price for “back glass damage” drops to 229 euros for the top model Pro Max – a whopping 440 euros compared to its predecessor. For the iPhone 15 Pro, this repair costs 199 euros – around 400 euros less than for the iPhone 14 Pro.

Right to repair

Apple is also forced to act because of new laws that increasingly define the right to repair and the responsibility of producers. The group has also committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. Better repairability can make a big contribution to this goal.

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