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House of the Dragon breaks all HBO records for a series premiere

The Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon kicked off over the weekend and there were some preliminary doubts about whether the series could continue the massive success of the original. It is now clear that it is possible, in terms of quality and viewers. House of the Dragon didn’t get off to the best possible start, as it is known that there were some issues with HBO Max subscribers with Amazon Fire TV devices, but the cable channel and now the streaming service HBO could be a huge success.

Because, in its own words, House of the Dragon was the most successful series premiere in HBO history. Nearly ten million viewers (9.986 million, to be exact) watched in the US on television and via HBO Max. The channel also stated that the fantasy series broke all internal records in Latin America and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa).

Trend #1 for hours

According to WarnerMedia, the series was also a hit on social media, with fans flocking to celebrate its return to Westeros. On the day of its premiere, “House of the Dragon” was the longest-running topic on Twitter, being #1 for 14 hours and also #1 on Google Trends. Of the Game of Thrones songs, however, the prequel was quite a bit as it reached 13.7 million on linear TV, if you add streaming and video-on-demand views it was 19 million.

The series finale is meant to be here, though, so the offshoot still has quite a while to build up similar hype. Whether that will ever work is another question. Because Game of Thrones started slowly and as an insider tip, but has quickly grown into a sensational success.

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