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How To Do Mobile App Marketing And Promotion-A Cost-Effective Solution For Beginners

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Do Mobile App Marketing And Promotion-Cost Effective Strategy For Beginners

Small businesses and entrepreneurs may find it hard to run full-scale marketing campaigns for their apps because of budget constraints. Advertising does take a lot of money to invest in order to grab the consumers in a highly competitive market. If you have built an app that you think offers innovation and has the potential to grow then spending money on app advertising is not a big deal, in fact, you will have handsome ROI and will grow fast with these marketing campaigns.

In this article, I will focus on a limited budget and most appropriate strategy that you can construct and implement which would give you the highest possible return on your investment.

Refine your target audience

Defining the target audience is the first step to consider in your app marketing campaign. You must have a clue, what type of people going to use your app while developing it. Furthermore, this step requires refining your audience when it comes to market the product with a limited budget and limited time. The idea is to refine the audience that would respond to your product in real-time and you will engage more people while spending less.


Demographic targeting is very important in refining the target market. You must select a country, in which your potential users live, then their age, their social class, education, etc. For instance, if you have developed a game then your targeted audience is between 15 to 30 years of age. After that, you will refine it more by analyzing in which country or countries your game will be viewed, liked, downloaded, and played the most. Find the top most countries where game installs are at peak. Then select the countries where advertising is cheaper. Advertising in South Asian countries is a lot cheaper than advertising in the UK. You can continue refining audience like this and select a chunk of targeted audience that best suits your needs and goals.

Develop Targeting Strategy

This is the most crucial element in the whole process. This is all about how, when, and where you will reach your target audience while keeping the cost under control. For instance, if you have developed a business app then professionals are your target market. A rough example of developing a targeting strategy is depicted in the image below;

How To Do Mobile App Marketing And Promotion-A Cost Effective Solution For Beginners

One tick has less relevance and more ticks have more relevance in finalizing an appropriate strategy to take on.

 1- Watch Competitors

The first thing here to do is to watch competitors carefully, analyze what they are doing and how they are doing it. You will get a better idea of watching competitors. See where your competitors are advertising, on which platforms they are most active e.g. Google advertising, LinkedIn advertising, In-app, display or search advertising, Facebook advertising, app reviews, content marketing, or others.

It’s not necessary that bigger players or competitor’s strategy is the best for you, because they might have different goals for advertising e.g. buying more keywords to keep competition high or allocating huge budget to keep the small players away and making a strong brand image. You will have to squeeze into the highly competitive market with a limited budget and your strategy could be very different from others.

2- Select the channels for promotion

As mentioned in the image above that is the way to select the most appropriate channels after analyzing the effectiveness, cost, and capacity of all the channels, you may select a combination of channels depending on your goals and budget. You must also keep variations in channels if one platform is not performing well the other one will produce good results and vis-à-vis.

Now Let Me Just Explain The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Some Platforms

3- Google Advertising PPC

Google Advertising is the platform that covers almost 67% of all online advertising revenue. But Google advertising can be expensive if not refined properly. To run the PPC campaign it is important to do prior research on what type of campaign to use search, display, universal app campaign, or a combination of two. Normally for app promotion, in-app ads work best, and search networks with display select allow advertisers to place their ads inside the other apps. You may also select the number of apps to display your ads.

4- Keywords Research

Keyword research is really important if you are advertising in search. In the “Google Play store search” your app will come on top if you have selected the desired keywords. But selecting the most popular keyword that will drive maximum traffic to your app would become expensive. Here comes the research part, you will have to select the keywords with little variations,

Read other articles on How Long Tail Keywords Provide Best Organic Traffic and another one “Long tail keywords and their effectiveness

Keyword research will help you choose keywords that are cost-effective, less competitive, and targeted and it will optimize your entire campaign.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an evergreen and long-lasting form of advertising. You can get your app reviews published on famous blogs. The traffic on those blogs will be your referral traffic and this traffic will be permanent with one-time investment. You can also publish posts on LinkedIn Pulse for promoting your app content. Reviews play a critical role in the user’s decision-making process; people read reviews before purchasing or installing apps. Even if you get the traffic from advertising and user already landed on your app, still, there is a need to communicate with the potential user and that is done through content marketing.

Facebook Advertising

Let Me Say This, “Today Every One Is On Facebook” you just have to decide how would you reach them. You may post your app content in different interest base groups, you can also make a business page for your app and promote it to connect to the targeted audience, and you can also use paid campaigns. Facebook is a lot cheaper than other networks and has a wide range of audiences; the only drawback in Facebook campaigns is that it has a weak targeting system in place.

Wrapping Up

You can easily develop your App marketing campaign by going through all the steps above individually and focusing more on improvement. Do not rush to just launch campaigns without planning and thinking that you know what to do, write down a complete plan, further refine it, and then implement. Keep an eye on performance and analytics for further improvements.

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