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How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel: Tricks and Tips


One of the best ways to earn money with viral content is via a YouTube channel. It seems like YouTube has been around forever, but the site is only 20 years old, but at that time, it has become the site everyone would go to in order to see great videos. For people who love to do vlogging (video blogging), there are also great options that YouTube provides for monetizing your content.

There are several things that go into creating great content, and monetizing your YouTube channel seems like it would be straight forward, but there are some metrics that you need to know about. That said, it is very important to understand how YouTube channels work, the marketing of your channel, and how to turn your content into something that produces revenue with great regularity.

The reach of YouTube is something that is really hard to ignore. There are several social media channels out there, but the truth is there is no site that has the reach for its specific niche the way YouTube does. This site is a monster in the way it showcases and promotes videos. There have been several competitors, but YouTube blows them all away. There are plenty of numbers to catalog this dominance, but when you find out that YouTube has 2 billion logged-in monthly users that number speaks for itself. This is the site you go to when you want to make money and get people to view your content.

Meet the YouTube Partner Program Requirements

The YouTube Partner Program is a great system for monetizing your channel. There are some requirements that you must be aware of though. There are four requirements you must hit in order to be considered for the partner program. The requirements are you must have 1,000 subscribers. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, once you get to 1,000 subscribers, that ticks the first box. The best way to make money from your videos is through video monetization platforms. These platforms allow you to monetize with a paywall or advertising.

The next one is that you need to have 4,000 hours of watch time for your videos over the last 12 months. The good news is Live Streams and unlisted videos will count towards this requirement but any deleted videos will take away from your watch time requirement. The other two requirements are all about policies, but the subscriber and watch time requirement is the most important prerequisites to monetizing your channel.

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Rules for Monetizing

YouTube has some strict rules for people who want to monetize their content. The first thing is the videos need to follow YouTube’s rules for copyrights and for appropriateness. Here is the thing – the best way to make sure that your channel does not violate YouTube’s rules is to use your judgment. If you are not sure if the videos on your channel are appropriate, chances are they are not.

It is better to err on the side of caution than to go with something that may get you in trouble. If YouTube is reviewing your channel and finds these inappropriate videos, then what will happen is it becomes that much harder to get your channel approved for the partner program. Curate your channel appropriately, and you will reap the rewards.

Know the Copyright Policy

YouTube is very fastidious about making sure that there is no copyrighted content that is not permitted on videos. The key to copyright policies is to get approval from the person or company that owns the copyright. When you are creating content, the key is making sure your content is original or if you are using copyrighted material, that you are abiding by YouTube’s policies and are not violating any copyrights.

The critical thing is that you have to be really wise about how to use the material and what to put in your videos. Like with appropriateness, the wise thing to do is err on the side of caution, which will always get you on the good side, and keep the YouTube Partner Program which is what’s needed to make money.

Link Your Google AdSense Account

One of the first things you need to do is get a Google AdSense account. The reason for this is Google AdSense is a great system for making sure you are getting the right ads to your subscribers. When you get the ads to the right people, that means the ads will get clicked on, and in turn, that will help you get revenue for your channel.

Google AdSense has a ton of power and since YouTube and Google are tied together, it makes sense how integrated these two entities are. The best part is that when you are with Google AdSense, you literally don’t have to do anything to make the system work. You just set up your account, link it to your YouTube channel, and just let it go and the system does the rest of the work.

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Apply for the Partner Program

Once you hit the requirements – 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 hours within 12 months, AdSense account linked and compliance with YouTube terms – you can submit for approval. Be warned that approval is not instantaneous as your account is going to be reviewed by actual people. The key here is to make sure your channel is on the right side of the policies.

If you are all set with everything, then your channel is generally approved relatively quickly. However, for people who are found to have questionable channels, the review can take much longer. If this is the case, the time delay could be months, which would be a pain if you want to get to monetize your feed. The reality is that it’s important to get everything right and YouTube does not want to approve channels for their partner programs that are doing things wrong.

Instead, what you need to do is make sure your channel is on the right path and that things are where they need to be. When you are part of the YouTube Partner Program, monetizing your channel is much easier and you have done the work needed to prove that you have the vlogging skills to make the site better.

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