Huawei intends to ship 100 million smartphones in 2024

Huawei P50 Series

According to a piece of recent information shared by the Korean publication, the Chinese company Huawei intends to ship 100 million smartphones next year. The information is sourced from The Elec, which states that the Huawei Mate 60 series is the main factor contributing to this decision. Since their release, the company’s most recent flagship smartphones have gained a lot of traction, which is good news for Huawei’s intentions for 2024.

Huawei has a new approach for 2024

Currently, the company intends to ship 40–50 million smartphones in 2023. From this perspective, the company intends to double the numbers for next year. Furthermore, 2023 proved to be good for the company since the company recorded a 30–70% increase in sales as compared to the last year. Having said that, although Huawei anticipates shipping 100 million smartphones in 2024, a lot of market research firms place that figure closer to 70 million.

The company is still facing restrictions due to the US ban

Huawei has suffered a lot due to US sanctions. The company is mainly limited to its homeland. It has been cut off from the markets in which it occupied a dominant position. Things got even worse due to the non-availability of Google Play Services.

However, all these factors didn’t demotivate the company, as Huawei is progressing with excellent smartphones equipped with their ecosystem of apps. Furthermore, users can access app repositories through Petal Search. In addition to this, the company is rapidly progressing in other areas, like chipsets that were developed in collaboration with SMIC.  

While exact sales figures for the upcoming year are unknown, Huawei is extremely confident. We anticipate the Mate X4, Huawei Mate 70 series, and Huawei P70 series to launch in 2024.

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