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Huawei Might Release The Mate 50 Series This Year Instead Of 2022

Huawei could release the Mate 50 series during Q4 of the current year, instead of Q2 of 2022.

Huawei Mate 50 Series

A few weeks back, we heard Huawei might not bring any flagship after the P50 series this year. Instead, the company (so we heard) planned to release the Mate 50 series in Q2 of 2022. Today, we heard the company might release this series in Q4 of this year.

We are unsure why the company planned to postpone the release of the Mate 50 series, rumor suggests that it’s all due to “the US-Huawei ban and supply chain constraints.”

According to a new report from a senior expert of the DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants), we learned that Huawei may still be planning to release this series this year. The expected timeframe is somewhere in Q4.

According to a tipster, the company will release the Mate 50 series in October. There’s an upcoming global launch event to take place in Vienna, Austria on October 21 at 3 PM for Huawei, we might see this series during this event. Although, we haven’t heard the same from the company.

According to previous tips, the Mate 50 lineup would come both in 4G and 5G variants. The 4G model will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor, whereas the 5G variant to be powered from Huawei’s own Kirin chipset.


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