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Huawei shifts focus from smartphones to environment-friendly products

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After electric cars and PCs, Huawei has found a new industry with which to absorb the huge losses from the US embargo and the ensuing drop in smartphone sales – the environment. The Chinese network provider and IT group announced at Mobile World Congress 2022 that it plans to invest more in technologies designed to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy. “Digitalization and carbon neutrality are two of the most important issues in the world,” said Huawei Vice President Guo Ping at the MWC in Barcelona.

“A new dimension in reducing CO2 emissions”

Among other things, it had to achieve a “new dimension in the reduction of carbon emissions”, Ping continued. Huawei also emphasized at the MWC that it is increasingly adopting new technologies in its networking products to reduce the environmental footprint of wireless carrier networks around the world. The same goes for the group’s fiberglass products, it said. Huawei also announced investments of four billion yuan, worth a good 570 million euros, in its so-called Digital Power division, which will be used to set up a new research center and offices for the division. There, technologies must be developed to increase the energy efficiency of mobile telephone networks and their operators.

Among other things, it should be possible to better monitor the energy consumption of mobile radio systems via the Internet. In addition, Huawei plans to use its 5G technologies and market power in solar inverters to help reduce global carbon dioxide emissions from a combination of both fields. Huawei is one of the leading suppliers of solar inverters worldwide. In addition, Saudi Arabia says it is already building the largest solar energy storage system and a data center that will run exclusively on solar energy. Of course, Huawei is not pushing its “ko” projects out of goodwill. Instead, the group is desperately looking for new sources of income as the US embargo has made it impossible to offer truly modern smartphones with 5G support and Google’s Play Store in Western markets.