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Huawei to launch a gaming smartphone this year and foldable smartphone next year

Huawei’s Consumer Business President Jim Xu, said that Huawei is working on a gaming-focused device, and it is set for H2 launch this year.

However, there is nothing much known about the device, the only notable thing is Huawei’s GPU Turbo Technology which will be featured in this device, as the device is gaming focused Huawei’s GPU Turbo Technology is the critical element of the phone.

Huawei already has developed the GPU Turbo Technology to some extent, which can be seen in Huawei’s latest mobile devices that promises to increase device’s performance by 60 percent while reducing the power consumption by 30 percent.

In the current mobile market, the Razor phone and Asus upcoming ROG phone are the ones most talked in relation to gaming smartphones.

It would be quite interesting to see how Huawei would try to do in order to impress the gaming market. The company’s executive has also confirmed that Huawei has plans to launch foldable smartphones next year.

However, nothing much was known about the foldable smartphone either, but the rival Samsung had been in the news for long that the company is working on foldable smartphones and foldable screens. Oppo has also announced to launch foldable smartphone earlier this year.

Among other players in the market Motorola got the patent to launch foldable smartphone as well, however, Apple seems to be watching others before it can launch one for itself, the company was expected to launch foldable phones in two years.

Since all the smartphone makers have plans to launch the smartphones that are foldable; the product line is heating up. It might set the new trend in the smartphones for the next few years.

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