Huawei will continue to support Android apps on global smartphones

Recently, HarmonyOS Next was unveiled by Huawei. The new operating system comes with a major upgrade and that is no support for APK files. Just for your understanding native Android apps are also called APK files. As reported by Richard Yu, the CEO of the company, the new OS is all set to reach the user’s devices. Such a piece of news has raised concerns for the global user community of Huawei.

Just one week after the official announcement, the company clarified that the new OS won’t be rolled out to international units of Huawei devices. Overseas devices including tablets and smartphones will continue using EMUI. EMUI resembles HarmonyOS but it is based on the Android Open Source Project. However, it has no support for apps and services offered by Google. It does have support for some native Android apps.

The information shared by China Mobile indicates that the company will continue extending its support to developers across the globe. As a result of the company’s efforts to ensure that Android apps from third-party stores function properly on its Google-less phones, a sizable community of app developers was created.

Huawei executives have repeatedly told us, both in private and in public, that the business still views itself as a key player in the mobile phone industry and that support for phones and tablets in international markets will only increase. In addition to this, the company will continue providing Emotion UI (EMUI) for global devices. The official source claims that the support will continue until or unless the company is assured that the users are ready to accept and shift to HarmonyOS.

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