HarmonyOS Next is nearly complete and will no longer authorize Android apps

HarmonyOS 2

A few months ago, the Chinese company Huawei showcased a new operating system that was meant to be utilized in all devices of the company. For developers, the company introduced HarmonyOS Next. According to some recent pieces of information, HarmonyOS Next is now ready to be rolled out. Notably, all native apps have been updated with the new OS support.

HarmonyOS Next drops support for Android apps

One thing to notice here is that there is an exception in the operating system. Reportedly, the OS doesn’t support Android APKs. In simple words, Android apps can’t be installed with HarmonyOS Next. Furthermore, it can’t even read the Android code. It appears that HarmonyOS Next and HarmonyOS have a resemblance to one another since the company ended support for Android libraries.

All such developments point to the fact that the company is becoming more conscious and aware of its in-house OS. The information unveiled by the Zhilian Recruitment platform indicates that companies are hiring employees to work on HarmonyOS. Reportedly, the companies have employed several workers for positions like software testing, software development, and mobile development in computer software, Internet, and telecommunications/value-added services fields.

A bachelor’s degree and more than three years of work experience are prerequisites for more than 75% of the positions, which also pay more than average. Well, the exact details and efficiency of the new OS will be evident once it is fully complete. Till then, we have to wait.

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