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I am using Sunbird with iMessage for Android. It works!

“Sunbird” has launched an app with its own name that claims to be a provider for a secure chat between Android and iPhone users through iMessage. The company claims to bring iMessage to Android without the complications that other apps require. According to the information I have, it is a direct messaging solution between Android and iOS.

Sunbird provided early testing access. By connecting your Apple ID to the app, messaging stops working. However, with a clone ID provided by Sunbird, several features of iMessage were available.

The results ensure that Sunbird really works. Through the app, I was allowed to use the features of iMessage. Through the loaned ID, after connecting to Sunbird, I was able to send blue-bubble texts to iPhone users. I tested it using an iPhone to react to a message, and I was able to see them on my Android phone. I created a group chat with an iPhone user and was able to react to group messages. Also, I was able to send and receive pictures and vCards.

However, there were some features that didn’t work, like being unable to react to an iMessage from my Android device. Reading and typing recipients weren’t working. Also, some features didn’t work at all.

This updated version of the app may have some bugs, but the fact that you can now send and receive iMessages, which you couldn’t do before, gives you hope for a better version of the app in the future.

The process of solving these issues will be continued. It’s exciting to see that the company’s other claims about iMessage are correct.

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