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The Sinology app makes it to Android.

Pictures are the best way to capture beautiful moments in our lives. However, keeping them safe is another major agenda item. As an Android user, you must have used Google Photos. Google Photos is a built in app that perfectly stores and organizes your photos. However, another photo app, “Sinology Photo,” proves to be the best alternative to Google Photos.

“Sinology” is a company known for its hardware solutions. It manufactures and sells network-attached storage devices that are suitable for storing large amounts of data. Also, it suits best for data sharing with your crew.

Users of these devices access their data through the Sinology app. It has many similar features to Google Photos. This app keeps your data organized. That’s why it proves to be a great alternative to Google Photos.

The sinology app is on Android TV.

Reliving old memories on a big screen sounds exciting. “Sinology” is available on Android TV as well. You can store your pictures in the app and also view them on your TV screens.

The app is properly designed with a specific interface for Android TV. The pictures are well arranged, just like the mobile version of the app. It’s a great platform to show family pictures from a party to your family.

The app is already available, and if it isn’t on your TV yet, it will be within a few days.

If you’re not familiar with sinology, you can visit the above-mentioned link. It will give you all the information you need to know about their storage devices and photo apps.


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