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ID verification might be coming to X

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, it has undergone a lot of changes. From Rebranding it to X and much more than that is yet to come. The very next one making its way to the platform is about ID verification coming to X.

X will get ID verification feature to fight impersonation

To avoid imitation, there is a specific reason why this can be the case. In fact, impersonation frequently managed to cause issues for X, even delaying some paid verification plans.

To combat that, X can request that you produce a copy of your official identification and take a selfie in addition. Nima Owji, a researcher, released a screenshot to demonstrate the impending release of the functionality.

X is planning to partner up with Au10tix

You can see that X intends to collaborate with Au10tix to make this happen if you look at the small letter at the bottom. According to rumors, ID pictures and biometric information will be stored online for 30 days.

The usage of such information “for the purposes of safety and security, including preventing impersonation,” is also noted.

Although the exact launch date for this feature is unknown, it appears to be on the way. The relationship appears to be established, and even the user interface appears to be nearly finished. We therefore predict that the shift will occur quite soon, if we were to guess.

This is not really shocking because there have been rumors of such a shift for some time. Many more changes are yet to come to the platform.

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