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Indian Government States “Google Maps Are Unreliable”

Google Maps that millions of us use to reach safely and securely to our destination are dismissed as unreliable by the Indian government.

Survey of India, the mapping and surveying agency in India is advising people not to rely on Google Maps and Google Earth. The agency further said that both the apps are not authenticated by the Indian government.

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To aid people Sol has created its own maps for the citizens. As per surveyor-general of India Swarna Subba Rao Google Map is mostly used to find restaurants and parks, that is for casual use. It is being advised that citizens don’t depend on Google Maps for being extreme accuracy as the government itself doesn’t rely on them.

The complaint with Google Map was done previously as well by Cambodia and India. They had issues with how boarders are being presented on the service. Google Map thus started versions of Map as per the location of the country. More than a billion people use this service and it help them find their destinations. Suggestions are continuously made on how it can improve its service, but a government calling it unreliable is one of its own kind situation.


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