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Instagram Testing New Stop Motion Camera for Stories

Many days after the introduction of Superzoom creative tool for the public, Instagram is again testing a new tool to join the chain of already introduced tools. Stop Motion camera tool would allow the user to capture a long series of photos, which then the Instagram would stitch together into a GIF which could then be posted in the user’s Insta-story. Instagram confirmed the news relating the testing of this new feature. Inside the Story camera, a new option is there which further confirms the news.

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Through the Stop Motion tool, multiple pictures can be clicked but it will not allow the editing option for every individual image. Once all the pictures are taken you can tap on to “done” which would then provide you access to the story-editing tool like text and stickers. After that, the stop-motion GIF is all ready to get posted to one’s story.

Instagram has tried copying almost all the offered features of Snapchat, but now it seems to have grown much more experimental when it comes to testing and introducing new tools or features. After the success of its looping Boomerang format, the company was encouraged to launch Superzooms (a dramatic Chipmunk style zoomed in image or close-ups). This new Slow-Motion feature would for sure be not any less in offering creativity.

Relating the launch and availability of the tool across the world nothing can be said with any certainty. But if it gets popular and successful inside the group of people testing it then it may join Instagram’s family of creative features inside the Story camera.

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