iPhone 15 Pro Cracking Speakers Problem Surfaced

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro not only seems to be struggling with overheating at the moment, the speakers of the new smartphones are also causing problems. Users report distorted sound and cracking noises, especially at higher volumes.

It cracks and creaks when loud

More and more iPhone 15 owners are speaking out on social networks (via 9to5Mac ) complaining about problems with the speakers on their new smartphone. The stereo speaker integrated into the earcup area is said to rattle, distort, and crack at volumes above 80 percent. Users describe the sound “as if there was a liquid inside.”

The topic came up after TikToker MilesAboveTech drew attention to it. According to his own statements, his affected iPhone 15 Pro Max had received by AppleAlready replaced twice but the problems continued. It is currently unclear whether the distorted sound is caused by a widespread hardware or software error. A statement from the company is pending.

Sound problems add to the list

The heat problems with the iPhone 15 Pro (Max) are currently high on Apple’s priority list. These could be eliminated with the help of the upcoming software updates to iOS 17.0.3 or iOS 17.1. While the initial argument was that it was normal behavior, the US manufacturer admitted possible software-related errors a few days ago.

Apple was also heavily criticized for the quality and workmanship of the new iPhone 15 (Pro) models and their accessories. According to users, the titanium casing is significantly more susceptible to scratches and discoloration compared to its stainless steel predecessor. In addition, the glass back is said to break surprisingly easily. Users hardly say a good word about the new FineWoven cases, which have replaced the leather cases.

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