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iPhone 15 Pro To Use Single Button For Volume Control

The upcoming iPhone 15 Pro could do away with the previous two separate, physical buttons for volume control. That’s according to an exclusive report covering the latest iPhone development rumors and renders.

Rumors are mounting that Apple will replace all of the iPhone 15 Pro’s physical buttons with solid-state buttons, including a single, redesigned volume button on the side – instead of the two buttons used previously.

Back in October 2022, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that Apple was planning to switch from mechanical buttons to so-called solid-state buttons for the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max devices. So far, however, there have been no further details.

Telltale CAD drawings and renderings surfaced

Now CAD drawings and renderings for Apple smartphones have allegedly leaked. The images are now fueling rumors that the regular two-volume buttons will be replaced with a single long button. The online magazine 9to5Mac published an exclusive report and pictures. It says:

“Almost 100 percent certain that the iPhone 15 Pro has a LONG Unified Volume button instead of 2 separate ones. When creating our iPhone 15 Pro concept, we found that Apple uses 2 pins on each of the 2 volume buttons iPhone 15 Pro CAD shows only 2 pins on a longer volume button.”

This would be indicative of the very first iPhones to come with a single rocker-style volume button.

This design change to the iPhone 15 Pro could give the devices greater water and dust resistance, as a solid-state button needs a much smaller hole in the frame to work. As usual, the new iPhone 15 family is not expected until September 2023. Until then, it will be exciting to see what the rumor mill and leaks bring to light, which will only then prove to be right or wrong. So far there have been rumors of a new design with curved titanium sides and an EU-compliant USB-C charging port.

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