It’s possible that Samsung outperformed TSMC in terms of 3nm chip yield

The South Korean conglomerate Samsung has lost numerous clients due to the low yield of chips and other related issues. But now the company is taking all the necessary steps to improve the 3nm chip manufacturing process. According to some fresh reports, the manufacturing yield of 3m chips by Samsung has surpassed that of TSMC.

In the fabrication process of semiconductors, yield is a term that refers to the usability of a semiconductor wafer. If yield is higher a higher number of chips can be manufactured using the wafer. In this way, price and efficiency are improved. Given the 4nm semiconductor fabrication process, KMIB News report that Samsung has reached the 75% mark. On the other hand, TSMC is already quite efficient in the 4nm fabrication process. However, Samsung was able to outperform TSMC in the 3nm chip yield rate.

Samsung Foundry offers an improved yield with the 3nm chip manufacturing process

Recent reports suggest that Samsung has recorded a 60% yield rate for the 3nm chip manufacturing process. On the other hand, TSMC currently holds a 55% yield for the 3nm chip. It indicates that Samsung has gained a lead over TSMC in terms of cutting-edge chip manufacturing technologies. It’s feasible that Samsung Foundry may regain the customers it lost to TSMC for 4nm and 5nm processes because TSMC is trailing Samsung Foundry in the 3nm market.

Apple has booked a major portion of TSMC’s chip product capacity. For this reason, Nvidia and Qualcomm are interested in the 2nd-gen 3nm (SF3) process manufactured by Samsung Foundry. Besides this, TSMC’s chip plants in Japan and the US are 15 to 30% more expensive than the Taiwan plant. This could be another reason that clients might return back to Samsung. Besides Nvidia and Qualcomm, AMD could also strike a deal with Samsung Foundry for the 3nm and 4nm chips.

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