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Largest Plane In The World To Launch Rockets In Space

The co-founder of Microsoft has come up with the largest plane around the globe. The plane will launch rockets in space. It took six years to build this plane. Allen’s company Stratolaunch Systems worked on this project and so the plane is named after the company as Stratolaunch aircraft

Coming to the features of this plane, it has 28 wheels, 385-foot wingspan, weight around 500,000 pounds which can add on takeoff to 1.3 million pounds and the plane has 747 aircraft engines to carry the cargo. The wingspan of this plane makes it the biggest plane around the globe.

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As per an official statement by the company, the plane is so big because the Microsoft co-founder wants to use it as airborne rocket launcher. As takeoff through Launchpad consumes loads of fuel therefore Stratolaunch will first carry rockets up to give them a head start.

The plane has not started operating yet but it has already got a customer. Orbital ATK a private spaceflight company has made a contract with Stratolaunch Systems to make use of this huge plane for the launch of its Pegasus XL rocket.

The testing of the aircraft is still in progress. Right now the plane has just stood its ground for the first time without any support. The wheels have grasped the full weight of plane. The actual first demo flight would be done by 2019.