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Mark Zuckerberg Revealed His Biggest Regret About Facebook

Exactly like most of us, Mark Zuckerberg—the CEO of Facebook has also got some regrets relating his governance of the firm.

Zuckerberg during the first quarter conference call told everyone about his “great regrets”. He was of the belief that his company did not play enough role in the making and influencing of the mobile technology which has now become one of the biggest prime modes of computing.

He said that one of his great regrets is how so far, the company has been managed. He added that he did not feel that they had developed the mobile platforms adequately as much it would have been good.

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He explained that the mobile phones and other mobile devices are made around the applications they would or could cater rather than people. He admitted that if Facebook had not been so consumed with its development during the last decade, it would have been able to show all a better way, as per the reports of Business Insider.

Zuckerberg added that he thinks that people should really be the focus while the making of any technology. The technology should not be built around apps, rather it should be made based on relationships, and that is not the world we are currently living in on the mobile platforms.

According to Zuckerberg, Facebook was not that big as a firm at the time when Android and iOS emerged. They came out back in 2007, at that point Facebook was small.

This point of view came forward as the firm is struggling to get ahead of the criticism it has been bashed with relating the certain way its product has harmed the society in general.

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