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Mark Zuckerberg to testify data scandal before the Congress

Facebook Inc. has received the invitation to appear before the Congress to testify about how the company collects and used the personal data of the users.

According to the CNN report, Mark Zuckerberg has “come to terms” with the fact that he will have to testify the whole situation in a matter of weeks. The official representative of the company has confirmed that the Facebook received an invitation to appear before Congress and have a talk with the legislators but wouldn’t confirm Zuckerberg’s in-person attendance.

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Last week Zuckerberg said in an interview with CNN that he’d be happy to testify the whole case if he is the right person to do so. “Our company [Facebook] is facing unprecedented inspection after the reports came on the surface that a data mining firm used the personal data of the tens of million Facebook users to effect country’s elections”, he added.

House Energy and Commerce Committee’s spokeswoman said on Tuesday that the reports about the Zuckerberg’s confirmed appearance are “incorrect”, but the committee is continuing to collaborate with Facebook to decide a day and time for Zuckerberg to testify before Congress.

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