Google Maps Adds 39 New Languages

Google Maps is now available is thirty-nine new languages. This announcement was made in a blog post by the firm. These 39 languages include—Serbian, Turkish Afrikaans, Mongolian, Swahili, Vietnamese, Filipino, Hebrew, Danish, Icelandic, Slovak, Lao, Uzbek, Swedish, Malay, Zulu, Ukrainian, Romanian, Georgian are the few to name. These languages are spoken by around 1.25 billion people of the world.

There is a total of six thousand nine hundred and nine languages recorded in the Ethnologue catalogue this should be kept in mind.

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It is already surprising that Google Maps did not already support some of these languages, but better late than never.

Many of the languages that Google has decided to add to the Google Maps is spoken by a larger number of people throughout the world.

Swahili, is especially the language that is spoken by eight percent of the African continent, while the Turkish language is spoken by nine percent people in the continent of Europe.

The new language additions are coming to the desktop and mobile versions of the Google Maps on the Android, Mac, iOS and Windows Operating System.

Google Maps was for the first time introduced in the English language back in the year 2004 and has since then slowly extended out to various languages available over the years.

The introduction of these languages would definitely be opening new market opportunities for the Google Maps, which is already in use by billion of active users. There are chances that the application which already has many users in various countries where the newly supported languages are spoken, however, this would open a large new market for the Google Maps.

Google Maps has recently made many announcements like the introduction of the Mario-themes driving mode and real-time transit info coming to the iOS.

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