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Ultra HDR feature is available in Google Photos

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Android 14 is all set to be launched with many of the latest features. As per information via Android Police, Google Photos is all set to support Android 14’s Ultra HDR format. This feature was announced by Google in May. This feature, as announced, will come with Android 14.

This is an HDR format that, when necessary, will be downgraded to SDR (standard dynamic range). Let’s say you capture an HDR image and attempt to see it on a non-HDR display. The system will reduce that to SDR. On an HDR screen, though, the image will automatically switch to HDR. Apps can use this technique to reduce photos to SDR without compressing them.

Ultra HD format was discovered in Google Photos

Although Google intends to roll out this standard across numerous apps, its first-party photo app was where it was first seen. Code was found in Google Photos version by AssembleDebug. These notes read, “

  • Ultra HDR disabled
  • UltraHdrPreviewFragment
  • photos_mediadetails_details_ultra_hdr

These annotations refer to the app’s Ultra HDR feature. We’ll see more code for this functionality as time goes on, but for now, these are simply a few lines. As previously said, Android 14 will release this, so there is still some waiting involved. Furthermore, it’s unclear whether this feature will debut with Android 14 or as a QPR. Time will only tell.

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