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Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Provides Extra Protection To Priority Accounts

If you’ve ever wondered what’s coming up for Microsoft’s wide array of services and products you can take some time to read the Microsoft 365 roadmap. It’s packed with filters that aid in identifying intriguing items, like the feature ID 88873, which is called “Microsoft Defender to Office 365: Differentiated protection for accounts with Priority.”

It’s not just one feature; it’s a collection of several that are all scheduled to be released for the general market (GA) on March 20, 2022. But, this date is more of an estimate rather than a firm commitment from Microsoft therefore, it is important to understand the fact that feature ID 88873 might become available in GA sooner or later, and that the expected date of delivery could alter at any point.

For more information on exactly what Defender update is Here’s, the roadmap entry states:

We’re introducing differentiated security for Priority accounts. This will give users who are tagged to Priority account with an increased security level. In this update, we’re adding an Context filter in Threat Explorer and the Threat Protection Status report through which you can look up emails in which Priority account protection is concerned. Additionally the Threat Detection Information section of the Email Entity page will be updated to display the threat, its details of detection and whether or not these detected threats are an aspect of Priority Account Protection.

Sometimes, roadmap entries are quite thin due to the absence of things that go beyond a single note or two. Therefore, this one’s large size shouldn’t be missed. Make sure you have Priority account security to become an option for threat protection within Office 365.