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Microsoft Forces To Download Edge In Order To Use Bing With Chat GPT

Microsoft is celebrating great success with the integration of ChatGPT into Bing. Because the AI-based chat has helped the Redmond- based group’s search engine to gain popularity that, given Google’s dominance, seemed out of reach for a long time. Now she gets new features.

However, In order to use Bing with ChatGPT users must use the new Bing using Microsoft Edge, this is a somewhat old tactic that Microsoft has been using for a long, well everything has a price and here it is.

Thanks to Bing, Microsoft has caused real panic among the competition from Mountain View, California, with ChatGPT. In response, Google has pushed ahead with the development of its own chat AI called Bard – albeit with rather limited success so far.

In Redmond, however, they don’t want to rest on their laurels, quite the opposite. Because shortly before the Google I/O developer conference, Microsoft – probably not coincidentally – announced and presented a whole series of new features for Bing with ChatGPT.

Bing is now available with ChatGPT for all

Perhaps the most important announcement is availability: the new Bing is now available in open preview, eliminating the trial waitlist. The only requirement is an active Microsoft account and Edge.

But there are also various functional improvements, including visual support for search. This makes Bing a more visually appealing and helpful tool. Because the AI ​​service now also spits out extensive image and video responses, including diagrams and graphics. The multimedia possibilities are to be expanded in the future, Microsoft mentions a visual search here.

Anyone who uses the chat AI regularly and for related questions can now view a chat history. This is suitable for productive use in the course of several sessions. The Redmond company also announced that it will soon be able to share and export chats.

The last innovation that Microsoft mentions in the associated blog post is perhaps the most important: Because the so-called actions make it possible to use the Bing AI to complete tasks without having to navigate back and forth between different websites. You can, for example, carry out a search and then initiate associated actions – such as booking a restaurant or reserving a movie.

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