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Microsoft May Discontinue Xbox One X Production

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Since the next-gen Xbox Series X console is expected to see the light of day in the coming months, Microsoft may have already stopped producing the Xbox One X. This is indicated by the information of some dealers. The console is already sold out in many shops.

This emerges from an article by Gamesindustry. The Xbox One X can no longer be purchased from many retailers. Even in some European online portals such as Amazon, the console is no longer at all or only in very limited stock. The lack of subsequent deliveries suggests that production has been temporarily or completely discontinued and the console will be replaced by the Xbox Series X in the fall.

Xbox One S is still available

Microsoft has not yet officially commented on the topic. Two weeks ago there was a rumor on the Internet that the Redmond company had stopped producing various Xbox One models. Screenshots were shared on Twitter, showing that Amazon no longer had the Xbox One S in stock. Dan Tavares from Microsoft replied to the corresponding tweet and emphasized that the console will continue to be available. The Redmond company had only changed the SKU number. This had apparently confused the Amazon system. In the meantime, the Xbox One S can be purchased again.

For months, there have been rumors that Microsoft plans to launch a second variant of the Xbox Series X. The console is operated under the internal name “Lockhart” and, unlike the Xbox Series X previously known as “Anaconda”, has not been officially confirmed. Xbox “Lockhart” could be a cheaper version of the next-gen console, which takes the place of the current Xbox One X.

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