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Microsoft Rolls Out Redesigned OneDrive App For Windows 11


Microsoft has been working on a complete overhaul of the OneDrive app for Windows 11 for some time. The first images were leaked in the summer, and now Microsoft has started releasing the new app.

Or rather, it seems that Microsoft has already started rolling out the redesigned OneDrive app for Windows. The group had not yet announced the update and there is little information so far. Microsoft after the redesigned app was previously only visible to insiders, has now apparently started distribution to all users.

The group has become more and more confused with such updates in recent months and you rarely get precise information about them. “I’ll put a question mark after it, because unfortunately Microsoft no longer knows who gets which feature and when, it seems to happen randomly and without a recognizable plan,” says the analyst. “For me, the new interface is the OneDrive In any case, the settings suddenly arrived on all devices, even on those that do not take part in any preview program.”

New navigation Interface

The redesigned OneDrive app offers a Windows 11-like interface and navigation, so basically only slight changes. There are now four vertical tabs for managing sync, backup, account, and notification settings. The fourth tab lets you check the current app version and, if that’s an interesting option, sign up for OneDrive Insider Preview updates.

Dark/Light mode

Another change is the memory gauge in the bottom left corner, which allows you to check the memory limit without navigating to a specific tab. Finally, the app now supports a dark mode and a light mode, which was not the case in the old version.

Aside from the new user interface and redesigned navigation, the new OneDrive app for Windows doesn’t appear to offer any new features. So far there is no information that the new OneDrive app is already available for Windows 10.

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