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Microsoft Surface Buyers Have a Choice Of Windows 11 or Windows 10

Surface Laptop Studio

At the end of last month, Microsoft announced a revised Surface generation. The Redmond-based company has now announced that business customers can choose between the Windows 10 and 11 operating systems. The devices are already available.

A contribution in the tech community shows that business customers do not necessarily have to buy numerous Surface models with Windows 11. In addition to the Surface Pro 8, the Surface Laptop Studio and the Surface Go 3 are also available as Windows 10 versions. Buyers can choose between the Windows 10 20H2 and the new Windows 11 21H2. Private customers, on the other hand, only receive the devices with Windows 11 preinstalled.

Choice Is Great

This is to prevent business customers from having to deal with compatibility problems. Many tools and apps are unlikely to have been adapted to the new operating system so that switching too quickly could cause difficulties. Of course, companies also have the option of installing Windows 10 on the respective devices themselves. However, this is associated with effort, which Microsoft would like to save the corporations.

Business customers can purchase the new Surface models through authorized resellers. The dealers support the companies not only with the provision but also with the financing and provide technical support. A list of all dealers can be found on the official Microsoft website. In addition, a whole range of installation files is available to business customers. The packages can be used to reset the Surface products if the normal recovery options do not work.