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Microsoft Teams Rolls Out 3D Emojis for Windows 11

Microsoft 3D emojis

The highly anticipated 3D Emojis make their debut on Windows 11. Microsoft Teams users get access to more than 1800 Fluent Emojis in a new Insider Preview version, which can be used in chats, channels, and comments, among other things.

Like the Redmonders in one blog post Confirm, the new Fluent Emojis update for Microsoft Teams will be distributed immediately. Hundreds of emojis are being refreshed to represent a “modern and delightful” version of the previous symbols. “Most of the previous Teams emojis will be reinterpreted, but there are also some new emojis! All skin tone emojis will continue to have six skin tone options,” explains Kaushal Mehta of Microsoft.

3D Emojis only in the Teams Preview

All emoji in Microsoft Teams chat and channels will be updated to the new Fluent 3D style and animated. The same goes for the responses to messages, including those in live meetings. So far, the innovations have only appeared in the preview version of the popular communication tool. If your own Teams account is linked to a company account, the latest Insider preview may also need to be pre-activated by a competent IT administrator.

With the introduction of 3D emojis, Microsoft is fulfilling a promise made in July 2021. Within Microsoft Office and Windows 11, the Redmond company wanted to say goodbye to a flat 2D look and switch to a new design. So far, however, there is no trace of the modern look, which apparently has only now been able to overcome the many hurdles in the development phase. Last but not least, Windows 11 users’ interest in the 3D design of the emojis led to an implementation that has since been shelved.