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Microsoft Will Continue Work From Home For Months Ahead


Microsoft was one of the first companies to send its employees home at the start of the coronavirus pandemic and is not taking lightly the now coming easing of the exit restrictions.

Not only in this country, but also in the USA, the lockdown measures are currently being relaxed in various areas. As a result, many managers should look forward to their employees finally appearing in the company again. However, Microsoft is not going along this path and wants to continue to ensure that as few new infection chains as possible are created.

The Redmond management informed the workforce yesterday that the regulations that had been in place for weeks at home will be maintained at least until October. The US magazine Business Insider reports citing a spokesman for Microsoft. Most employees should therefore preferably not come to the offices. Only where a presence at the company workplace is indispensable does one rely on personal appearance.

Others go too

“If the restrictions are lifted, the homework can still be continued until October as long as the respective employees have no important tasks to do in the office, and recommendations from the local authorities do not conflict with this,” said a company spokesman. How it looks the other way around is currently not entirely clear – whether Microsoft would accept it if thousands of employees suddenly want to come back to their office in the morning, because that could quickly lead to a fairly high number of people on campus, which one actually wants to avoid.

In the US state of Washington, where most Microsoft employees are concentrated, the official recommendations on homework to date are expected to be relaxed from May 31. Microsoft is not the only company that does not want to rush anything. Amazon had already stated that those employees who had recently been in the home office could continue to work from there.

The easing is a reaction to the fact that the comprehensive measures have reduced the infection rates and that increasing experience in dealing with the pandemic gives rise to hope that fewer restrictions will be able to be coped with in the future. However, this does not mean that the problems that Covid-19 brings with it have been overcome.

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