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Microsoft Will Cut Thousands Of Jobs According To The Reports

As Microsoft moves towards the new financial year, Microsoft employees would encounter a shocking reality. It is being heard that the company would fire thousands of its employees due to a huge recruitment reshuffle.

After the employees come back to work from the weekend they will be welcomed by an unwelcoming surprise. Microsoft has decided to rearrange its sales department and concentrate more towards a cloud-focused system.

As per report from TechCrunch thousands of employees could get laid off globally because of this decision.

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Then there are reports from ZDnet that portray a better picture saying that cuts could be less than anticipated as Microsoft might transfer the staff affected to various other divisions in the organization.

The truest report would be from Microsoft authorities themselves but they have not come up with any statement related to dismissals or the quantity of them.

A statement through an email from a spokesperson of the company said that the changes Microsoft is making is for the people, it is to ensure that Microsoft is able to serve its customers and partners in an efficient manner.

Well the changes company is making, time would tell whether they are constructive or destructive but Microsoft did cut 2850 jobs last year as well due to variations in its phone hardware and sales team.

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