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Microsoft Windows 11 First Beta Started In Insider Program

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Microsoft has published the first pre-release version of Windows 11 in the beta channel of the Insider Program. So far, the preview of the next major Windows version was only available in the so-called dev channel, there will be no further update this week.

Microsoft has announced this and is now presenting the first beta version of Windows 11. It is based on the build number 22000.100 published in the dev channel a week ago. In contrast to the previously released version, there are minor restrictions. Insiders in the beta channel don’t have access to Microsoft Teams chat. A first preview update was published for Chat in mid-July, but beta testers of Windows 11 now have to wait until they can also take part in the preview. Microsoft has announced that it will enable chat for the beta channel in the coming weeks.

In addition to the usual blog post by Windows Insider boss Amanda Langowski and Windows manager Brandon LeBlanc on the new beta version, there is now an expanded list of known problems. We have added the list at the end of this post.

Change of channel recommended

There are no new functions compared to last week’s update. The innovations we had already been presented.

Microsoft also recommends that all Insiders who have previously used the Dev Channel consider switching: “If you are in the Dev Channel, now would be the right time to switch to the Beta Channel if you are using more stable builds of Windows 11 want to work. “

Current problems

  • Start: In some cases you may not be able to enter any text when using the search via Start or the taskbar. If so, press WIN + R to open the Run dialog box, and then close it.
  • The system and Windows terminal are missing when you right-click the Start button (WIN + X).
  • Taskbar: The taskbar sometimes flickers when you switch the input method.
  • Settings: Links to specific settings pages will not navigate to the correct settings page if the settings are not already open.
  • A short green flash may appear when starting the Settings app.
  • When using Quick Settings to change accessibility settings, the Settings UI may not save the selected state.
  • The settings crash if you click “Face Recognition (Windows Hello)” under the login settings when Windows Hello is already set up.
  • File Explorer: Explorer.exe crashes when using the Turkish display language as soon as the battery charge is 100%.
  • The context menu is sometimes not fully rendered and ends up being cut off.
  • Clicking a desktop icon or context menu item can result in the wrong item being selected.
  • Search: After clicking the search icon in the system tray, the search box may not open. In this case, restart the “Windows Explorer” process and open the search box again.
  • If you hover your mouse over the search icon in the system tray, recent searches may not be displayed. Restart your PC to fix the problem.
  • The search box may appear black and show no content below the search box.
  • Widgets: The widgets bar can appear empty. To fix the problem, you can sign out and sign back in.
  • When launching links from the widgets bar, applications may not be brought to the foreground.
  • Widgets may display the wrong size on external monitors. In this case you can start the widgets by touch or with the key combination WIN + W first on your actual PC display and then on your secondary monitors.
  • Store: We are working to improve the relevance of searches in the store and to fix an issue where the order of search results is in some cases inaccurate.
  • The Install button may not yet work in some scenarios.
  • Ratings and reviews are not available for some applications.
  • Windows security: For some insiders, the text in the UAC dialog is not displayed correctly. This issue affects Insiders who do not run under EN-US.
  • The “Automatic Sample Submission” is switched off unexpectedly when you restart your PC.
  • Windows Hello (Face) may display a “Something went wrong” error message when you try to log in after upgrading. To work around this problem, log in with your password or PIN and: Open the device manager, Uninstall “Windows Hello Face Software Device” under “Biometric devices”.
  • Localization: There is an issue where some Insiders have some missing translations in their user experience for a small subset of languages ​​running with the latest Insider Preview builds. To determine if this affects you, please visit this Answers forum post and follow the steps to resolve the issue.
  • Windows Sandbox: The taskbar keeps crashing in the Windows Sandbox. The team is looking for a solution.
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