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Microsoft Windows Event Coming On June 24 With New Windows Release

Panos Panay, Product Manager at Microsoft, has confirmed the next big Microsoft event on Twitter on June 24th. Not much was revealed, but it is clear to everyone: Then comes the big new Windows launch, which Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had already announced.

As it looks now, Microsoft wants to unveil the next version of Windows on June 24th. The group has now announced a virtual event for this date and has already published a special page for the event date. It is expected that Microsoft will introduce its “new” version of Windows, or rather unveil the “future of Windows”.

As part of the Microsoft Build 2021 conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had already announced that Microsoft would soon reveal more about the next Windows. Expectations are now high for what will happen on June 24th, because Nadella set the bar high in his announcement. He said it would be “the most significant Windows update in the last decade”. He called it “the next generation of Windows.” In addition, Nadella had already stated that he was actively involved in the developments in recent months.

What is the future of Windows?

It is expected that the new Windows variant will include the refreshing of the “Sun Valley” user interface as well as some fundamental improvements such as better touch capabilities and a new app store. Thanks to many leaks, you have already seen a lot of it.

But there is also a lot of speculation, which will finally come to an end on June 24th, when Microsoft makes its new announcement. Even one name is already being traded as a hot rumor: The new OS should simply be called Windows and not something Windows 11. However, some experts also expect Microsoft to present two different Windows versions. On the other hand, it is unlikely that the company will only use the previous new version number to label its new operating system, which has been described with so much fanfare. Therefore, the “new” Windows should not simply be presented as Windows 10 Version 21H2.

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