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Microsoft’s ARM64EC Emulation Tool Is Now Available For Developers

Windows 11 October 20

In addition to the first official preview version of Windows 11, Microsoft has launched another important update: the ARM64EC (ARM64 Emulation Compatible) tool is now available for developers.

The importance of applications and the new store to Microsoft became clear when Windows 11 was presented. This not only means that Windows 11 can run Android apps, but also that the group is working harder in the background to attract developers to work on the Windows 11 platform. An intermediate way to get there is the ARM64 Emulation Compatible interface – ARM64EC for short – and its ability to create apps for ARM systems.

Native speed On ARM

Microsoft is thus starting the simple creation of native and interoperable apps for Windows 11 on ARM systems. It was reported for the first time over a year ago, but at that time not yet in relation to Windows 11. With the latest Visual Studio tools as a preview version and the Windows 11 Insider SDK, developers can now use the advantages of ARM64EC to gradually open apps Run ARM at native speed. According to Microsoft, this also works, even if the applications run with plug-in support that ARMs themselves do not yet support, because the entire app code no longer has to be ported.

About ARM64EC

ARM64EC is a new Application Binary Interface (ABI for short) for Windows 11 on ARM that runs at native speed and is interoperable with x64. The ARM64EC code in the app runs natively, while x64 code runs using the emulation built into Windows 11 on ARM.

Finally, the ability to mix and match x64 and ARM64EC makes it easy to create an app for Windows 11 on ARM. Microsoft has put documentation online at Microsoft’s official site to help developers create new ARM applications. There the first steps are explained to create Win32 apps as ARM64EC and also the further procedure for the transmission to the Microsoft Store is explained.