Microsoft Teams Statistics For Nerds Now Highlights Problems With Calls

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft pays much attention to the group calling software Teams. And now in Windows 11, Teams will be integrated even more deeply into the operating system. And the software is constantly getting new features and updates, currently “statistics for nerds” are being added.

Microsoft Teams has been an essential part of communication in many companies since the outbreak of the pandemic, but with Windows 11 at the latest, the application will also be available to all other users. Teams should essentially be a substitute for Skype, whereas the once-popular Voice-over-IP application is de facto disappearing into oblivion or ending up in the software cemetery.

Easy Troubleshoot

Specifically, this means that with Windows 11 the number of users will increase and possibly even explode. And one or the other will wonder why the quality in a meeting, video, or VoIP call is causing problems or is not optimal. For this reason, Microsoft has now donated a feature to its software, which is summarized with “statistics for nerds”.

As reported by MSPowerUser, the Call Health Panel is getting an update that gives (advanced) Teams users the opportunity to find out the reasons for connection problems during meetings and calls. This enables them to diagnose problems in order to investigate audio, video, content sharing, or network problems.

Teams statistics that can be recorded and viewed:

  • Audio: Outgoing and incoming audio statistics
  • Video: Outbound video statistics
  • Content sharing: Outbound and inbound content sharing statistics
  • Network: Insights into network health and connectivity

The real-time metrics are updated every 15 seconds, and users can also track and analyze points such as round-trip time and packet loss.