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NASA criticizes Chinese rocket launch with an uncontrolled crash

China once again dropped its debris uncontrollably across the Indian Ocean after the latest rocket launch that brought new modules to the Tiangong space station. There are now NASA scolding – and impressive photos on the internet from observers of the incident. According to the NASA administration, China is not responsible for its space program. NASA chief Bill Nelson criticized the recent incident following the launch of the Long March-5B Y3 rocket. China dispatched the resupply flight on July 24.

Crash near Borneo

However, according to reports, China then dropped its propulsion rocket uncontrollably, which then crashed over the Indian Ocean, burning up in parts on entry. Large pieces of debris then came down near an inhabited area in the Sulu Sea, near the island of Borneo.

The debris filmed during the crash is said to have weighed more than 20 tons. So he was shocked NASA boss on Twitter, because China has not followed the usual procedure and was informed about the possible crash sites and it seems that no precautions have been taken. “The People’s Republic of China did not share specific trajectory information when its Long March 5B rocket fell back to Earth.

All spacefaring nations should follow established best practices and do their part by pre-sharing this kind of information to ensure reliable predictions of the potential risk.” can be made.” impact of debris, particularly for heavy vehicles such as the Long March 5B, which pose a significant risk of loss of life and property.”

Something has to change

According to NASA, China should now take better care of its disposable rockets, which turn into space debris and fall to Earth. Reportedly, China had simply left the launcher to its own devices, although there had been much criticism beforehand. Videos were shared on social media of objects flying through the sky, some of the gigantic proportions. You can see the burning remains of a large rocket.