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Netflix Starts The Official Trailer Enola Holmes 2

Netflix has released the official trailer for the detective thriller Enola Holmes 2. In the film, the sister of the most well-known detective in literary history is finally allowed to investigate her first case. It should be as funny as the predecessor.

As the trailer that has now been released shows, Enola Holmes becomes a detective herself this time but is still quite clearly overshadowed by her much better-known brother Sherlock, who pretty much snatches away any cases from her.

One day, however, a young woman asks her to find her missing sister. What begins as a simple missing person case soon turns out to be a big conspiracy, so that in the end the siblings can only solve the case together.

In Enola Holmes 2, of course, Millie Bobby Brown, known from Stranger Things, slips back into the role of the titular heroine, while The Witcher star Henry Cavill once again plays her brother. The film will also remain true to its predecessor in one other respect: Enola repeatedly breaks through the so-called fourth wall and speaks directly to the viewers in some scenes. Enola Holmes 2 launches worldwide on Netflix on November 4, 2022.

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