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New community settings are available in the latest WhatsApp beta

Just a few days back we learned about the redesigned emoji keyboard. Well, the redesigned emoji keyboard is under testing. It will soon be out to the general public sooner. The refurbished keyboard has some new buttons as well as icons. The position of certain buttons has been changed. Overall, the redesigned look provides easy navigation through emojis, GIFs, and stickers while chatting.

Besides this change, the company is also testing a few changes to the Community Settings. With the new updates, admins of communities will have the choice to select participants who can add new groups to the community. They could be all members or just admins. Well, by default, the feature is only presented to admins. However, this slight modification will enable members to add new groups. However, one thing to mention here is that even though admin is not a part of the newly added group they can still remove the groups from the community anytime.

Furthermore, this feature is not accessible on the WhatsApp beta version as yet. However, the redesigned emoji keyboard is available on a few devices. It indicates limited access. There are some chances that the feature will be available to more beta users in the upcoming weeks before rolling out to the public.

Any user can sign up for the WhatsApp beta program since beta users get a chance to test the new features earlier than normal users. Make sure your device runs the recent version of the app. Don’t forget to check your Google Play Store for app updates.

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