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Google News for desktop gets latest customization options

Google is adding the latest features and variations to its multiple sectors. In the latest update, Google News is adding some major design improvements. This latest design improvement will add multiple elements to the interface. This latest update includes the latest topics on the homepage that can be reached out to while reading the news. This latest look will come along with customizing features that will be quite functional for desktop users.

This latest update contains alternative styles to display all the news content for you. With each customization comes an alternate way for your desktop arrangement to display the content. If you are a user of Google News on desktop, you will surely enjoy these latest features.

Although these alternatives are limited to a specific area on the website, This latest update contains a new way of displaying news compared to the old one. All the latest features in this latest update are introduced below.

Google News’ latest customization features on desktop and homepage topics

In this latest update of Google News, we can alternate the ways in which content can be displayed on the website. In older versions, these alterations were restricted. It will not allow users to select the news of their choice. As with the latest update, users are free to choose from a wide range of topics and sub-topics.

As we can see from the display of the website, it’s divided into three sections. The first section contains your briefing regarding the news, the second one contains your topics, and the third one is for you and displays the content of your choice.

The most focused and updated section among these is the third one, “For You.” This section contains a button with customization options that allows the user to choose the topic to be displayed in this window. This section will display the updates on the topic chosen by the user. This latest feature will provide a greater variety of tools for users to select the topic they want displayed in that section.

In the older version of the application, users were able to choose a topic and set it up through the customization feature. As an example, if a user chose a topic about technology, sports, or science and further arranged these topics according to their preference, But with the latest desktop update, users are able to do much more than that.

With this latest update, users are able to choose topics of their choice along with sub-topics that are related to the main topic. As an example, if a user selects the topic of technology, they can further choose their preferences in that field. Like for technology, they can select subtopics like mobiles, gadgets, virtual reality, and much more. By making all these choices of topics and subtopics, users can organize them the way they want them to be displayed.

This latest update will let us fully control the content to be displayed when they open up the site. This customization feature will be quite handy for a lot of users. You can enjoy this feature as soon as it becomes available right on your desktops.

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