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New Mozilla Firefox Extension Blocks Facebook Tracking

Since it has been a growing concern among masses after Facebook admitted data breach and tons of published news about Facebook data and users privacy has been compromised, Firefox has got the idea to fill the growing gap in the market.

The New Mozilla Firefox Extension blocks Facebook Tracking now, the add-on named “Facebook Container” creates a blue-colored lock sign on the browser tab just next to the bookmarks sign, the extension isolates the Facebook activity from rest of the web activity, the extension is specifically designed to restrict Facebook from collecting the data from your online activity, the sites you visit, your online behavior that is used to target Facebook ads and other messaging.

If you open a link on Facebook, the new tab will be open and isolate from the Facebook Container and when you click the Facebook share buttons on any other site then it will load the pages within a special blue tab.


Facebook’s ad tracking system allows companies to know your behavior online when you shop online, what you shop, what time you shop and which sites you visit then it throw ads with products you normally look directly to on your Facebook Newsfeed.

Facebook Sued for collecting texts and calls history

However, Mozilla Firefox has already running option which lets you browse anonymously in a private mode, but that option sometimes becomes too irritating, you cannot save web data that you normally require in browsing. But this option is quite handy while using the Facebook and prevent tracking.

You must also look at the Facebook Privacy settings to keep your personal data safe by not presenting it to Facebook.

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